Monday, February 18, 2013

The Republican Establishment Seems to Be Making Nice with Rand Paul

I almost feel like I stepped through the looking glass.  Both Karl Rove and Jen Rubin, establishment types through and through, who 10 times out of 10 would always prefer a Mitt Romney or Chris Christie over a conservative, said positive things about Rand Paul this weekend.

Karl Rove, on Fox News Sunday, was beating his chest saying that he was the largest outside group supporting Rand Paul in his race in 2010 and that we need more Rand Paul's and less Christine O'Donnell's.  See the video here:

And then Jen Rubin actually wrote a column titled "Why Rand Paul is Formidable" just a little more than a week after she wrote that he was confused.

I guess they feel that they shouldn't dismiss him so easily.  He could be the nominee in a few years.

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