Friday, February 15, 2013

Honestly, I was really worried about how Rand Paul would vote on Chuck Hagel's Nomination

I have to say I'm really happy that Rand Paul was able to come to the right conclusion and vote to block the Chuck Hagel nomination.  Voting for Chuck Hagel, who is pretty much unabashedly anti-Israel, would have completely sabotaged all the inroads that Rand Paul has been able to make in the Jewish community and the pro-Israel evangelical community since taking his trip to Israel.  I seriously would have had second thoughts as it would have shown that Rand Paul may be more like his father than he let on.  After all, Chuck Hagel's policy prescriptions and views on the world are often indistinguishable from those of Ron Paul.  He's a blame America first, anti-Israel nutbag.  And I can see that Rand Paul really wrestled with the issue, as he also shared a lot of Chuck Hagel's non-interventionism and desire to cut Pentagon spending.  Luckily though, Hagel's incompetent defenses of past statements and desire to hide money he received from questionable sources gave Rand Paul a great out (heck he even voted to approve John Kerry after all as he believes in giving Presidents leeway) and pissed off all the right people in the process.

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