Thursday, February 14, 2013

Anti-Semitic Ron Paul Supporters Pissed Off at Rand Paul (Again)

I'm very glad Rand Paul made the right decision and agreed to filibuster Hagel for two main reasons.  One, Hagel who is in the pay of Iran (and/or their proxies) and an anti-semite, should NOT be Secretary of Defense of this country.  Second, Rand Paul has pissed off all the right people, the people I really really like seeing pissed off.  Check this out from the Daily Caller:

That explanation wasn't good enough for Justin Raimondo, editorial director of and a strong supporter of Ron Paul. "It's time for libertarians to treat Rand Paul like the turncoat he is: boycott," Raimondo tweeted. "No $$, no support, & start calling him Paul the Lesser."

Daniel Larison, a blogger and senior editor for the American Conservative magazine, called it "an awful, indefensible vote."

Scott McConnell, one of the magazine's founding editors, went a step further: "If Rand Paul persists on going demagogic on Hagel, he will have established beyond any serious doubt that regardless of who his father is, he is Bill Kristol and Jennifer Rubin's boy."

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