Friday, January 18, 2013

Now "Nullify" is a Code Word?

It's just amazing how just about every word in the English language is becoming a code word for something amorphously racist when used to criticize Obama.  If you call him socialist or arrogant, you're actually using some hidden racist code which is deciphered by a ring from a cracker jack box.  Hell, it's considered code to even call him by his full name, Barack Hussein Obama.  No word on what happens if you call him Barack "Insane in the Membrane" Obama.   The latest kerfuffle seems to be over Senator Rand Paul's decision to "nullify" Obama's executive orders on gun control.  First, we had Senator Tim Kaine from Virginia say it's code on CNN, but when challenged what it was code for, he didn't really have a response.  Joan Walsh at Slate also got into the action saying "to be fair, 'nullify' is an accurate word choice, but it does have a particular ring – especially alongside claims that the president has a 'king complex.'"  If it's an accurate and likely appropriate word choice, what exactly is the problem?  Should he have made an inaccurate word choice?  And what kind of ring does it have exactly?  Is it because it starts with the letter N or something?  These people really play the race card too much.  It seems the only word that isn't code for something is the dreaded N word which just puts it out there.

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