Friday, January 18, 2013

Anti-Semitic Ron Paul Supporters Starting to Attack Rand Paul

It's no secret that the libertarian movement has a relatively vocal minority of people who are pretty anti-semitic.  They think Jews were behind 9/11, run the world's finances and other such nonsense.  A lot of these libertarians tended to support Ron Paul, who himself seemed to harbor both truther and anti-semitic views.  This is the reason many Jews are wary of Rand Paul, they think the same anti-semites that were behind Ron are now behind Rand and if he ever takes power he will betray Israel etc.  

Well it looks like at least one prominent anti-semitic libertarian believes Rand Paul is much more pro-Israel than his father.  Justin Raimondo, a long time libertarian and editorial director of (who wrote a book about how the Mossad must have known about 9/11 beforehand) just wrote a piece called "Is Rand Paul a 'Christian Zionist'?".  It's a long meandering peace that says that Israel wants to subjugate Lebanon and that Rand Paul doesn't consider the Palestinians to be people.  

It's reassuring to see that these people are peeling away from Rand Paul.  He certainly doesn't need the support of such people.

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