Friday, January 4, 2013

NJDC Has a Conniption Over Selection of Rand Paul for Foreign Relations Committee, Yet He'd Be Better for Israel Than Obama

The National Jewish Democratic Council are getting their panties in a bunch over the selection of Rand Paul to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, claiming his anti-foreign aid position is anti-Israel (no comment from them though on their President's belief that much of the Jerusalem area should be Judenrein).  You would think that a press release that "expresses outrage" over someone who is a "radical ideologue" with a "deeply disturbing record" would have more to say about that person than he wants us to send less money overseas.  No money quotes?  No taking the side of Hezbollah in the Israel-Lebanon war of 2006?  Or how about the demonization of the "Jewish lobby"?  I guess they don't exist (though both of those items are true of Chuck Hagel, who Obama has wanted as his Secretary of Defense).  

Anyway, here is what Rand Paul has actually said about Israel and foreign aid:

Israel is a strong and important ally of the United States, and we share many mutual security interests. I believe we should stand by our ally, but where I think sometimes American commentators get confused is that I do not think Israel should be dictated to by the United States. I think that has happened too often, and it has been to the detriment of Israel. Too often we have coerced Israel into trading land for peace, or other false bargains. When President Obama stood before the world in 2011 to demand that Israel act against her own strategic interest, I denounced this as unnecessary meddling. As I wrote in May of that year: "For President Obama to stand up today and insist that Israel should once again give up land, security and sovereignty for the possibility of peace shows an arrogance that is unmatched even in our rich history of foreign policy."
Israel will always know what's best for Israel. The United States should always stand with its friends. But we should also know, unlike President Obama, when to stay out of the way.
Foreign aid is another example of how our meddling often hurts more than its helps. In my proposals to end or cut back on foreign aid, some have made accusations that my proposals would hurt Israel. Actually, not following my proposals hurt Israel. We currently give about $4 billion annually to Israel in foreign aid. But we give about $6 billion to the nations that surround Israel, many of them antagonistic toward the Jewish state.
Giving twice as much foreign aid to Israel's enemies simply does not make sense. Our aid to Israel has always been to a country that has been an unequivocal ally. Our aid to its neighbors has purchased their temporary loyalty at best.
These countries are not our true allies and no amount of money will make them so. They are not allies of Israel and I fear one day our money and military arms that we have paid for will be used against Israel.

Does that sound anti-Israel at all?  What is anti-Israel is our current policy of sending M1A1 tanks and F-16 jets to countries whose leaders say the Jews are "bloodsuckers",  "were descended from apes and pigs" and refers to America as an enemy.  What is anti-Israel is denouncing of the building of apartments around the capital city of Jerusalem (open to Israeli citizens who are both Arab and Jewish) and taking the Palestinian negotiating position as one's own, as this NJDC-supported administration has done.

If Rand Paul gets his way, the enemies of Israel and the US will receive far less aid (aid they are much more dependent upon than Israel is) and Israel will no longer have to worry about interference in building around their own capital and won't be forced to negotiate with genocidal terrorists.  Sounds like a nice improvement over the current US-Israel dynamic.  What's so outrageous about that?

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