Thursday, April 4, 2013

Public Policy Polling: Rand Paul in 2nd Place in the 2016 GOP race

Although PPP is a Democratic outfit, I actually found them to be quite accurate in predicting sentiment in the 2012 GOP primaries as well as the general election.  Anyway, it looks like Rand Paul is now #2 nationally thanks to the support of the self-described "very conservative", a smidge behind Marco Rubio, who gets his support from the "somewhat conservative":

Rand Paul's well publicized filibuster last month has vaulted him up the list of Republican contenders in PPP's newest look ahead to the 2016 Presidential contest.

Marco Rubio continues to lead nationally, as he has on all four of our 2016 polls so far. He's at 21% this month, basically the same as 22% the month before the State of the Union address. Rubio's favorability of 62/10 is slightly better than 59/12 in early February. The whole water drinking episode hasn't had any effect on his standing- nor has his stance on immigration reform.

The big move though has come from Paul. In early February he was in 6th place among Republican contenders at just 10%. Now he's vaulted all the way up to 2nd place at 17%. Chris Christie is 3rd at 15% and Paul Ryan and Jeb Bush are tied for 4th at 12%. Rounding out the folks we polled are Rick Santorum at 5%, Bobby Jindal at 4%, Rick Perry at 2%, and Susana Martinez at 1%.

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