Thursday, April 25, 2013

Public Policy Polling Full Results Show Rand Paul Lead in New Hampshire in 2016 Race

Public Policy Polling just released their full results from their poll of New Hampshire voters on the 2016 race.  In a 9 way race, Rand Paul leads the entire Republican field with 28%, followed by Rubio at 25% and Chris Christie at a paltry 14%.  People like Jeb Bush and Paul Ryan don't even break into double digits. 

What's interesting is that even though Rubio is generally thought of as more establishment friendly and electable, Rand Paul actually does better in a trial heat against Hillary Clinton thanks to quite a few self-described "liberals" crossing over and surprisingly a slightly better score among non-whites..  

Amongst Republican primary voters, Rand Paul does best with the very conservative and the very liberal and leads among independents 32% to 17% for Rubio.  What is interesting is that there appears to be a gender gap forming within the Republican primary with men overwhelmingly favoring Rand Paul by 10 points while women prefer Rubio by 5 points.

I realize it's early but these are very interesting results nonetheless.  PPP is a Democratic party affiliated shop but they did excellent work during the GOP primary season.  What these results show is that Rand Paul could attract some crossover voters in the general election, as well as the primaries and that could help him win the nomination and possibly the Presidency.  

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