Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Rand Paul-Mitch McConnell Relationship

An interesting piece in Time:

But each offers the other important benefits. "I see two people who kind of need one another," says Grayson, who is now the director of Harvard University's Institute of Politics. For Paul, McConnell is a valuable sherpa, steeping him in the Senate's peculiar rituals, helping him navigate a fractious caucus and teaching him to make his stands without alienating colleagues. With the chamber controlled by Democrats, Republicans are allowed a limited number of amendments on legislation. McConnell grants Paul his fair share or more, which in turn leads to earned media and exposure and the chance to score political points. For a political rookie with presidential ambitions, Paul's ability to win McConnell's imprimatur is a crucial step to convincing the GOP establishment that he is more than a wild-eyed radical. "Having the Republican leader, who openly fought you in your primary bid, now showing he can work with you is an important step," says Grayson.

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