Monday, November 26, 2012

Rand Paul for President!

I'm sure with a moniker like "libertarian neocon", you might be thinking I'm just some Ron Paul groupie who is now pretending to be a conservative who supports Rand Paul.  You would be wrong.  Back in the 2012 primaries, I supported or considered supporting just about all the GOP candidates at one time or another except for two of them, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.  My lack of support for Mitt was because of his very moderate positions on just about everything as well as his enactment of Romneycare, the precursor of Obamacare.  I didn't support Ron Paul mainly because of his blame-America-first foreign policy positions which are pretty much identical to those of left wing whackjobs like Dennis Kucinich.  I am a libertarian, especially on economic issues, but I also believe in a strong defense.  Growing up under Reagan and then seeing 9/11 with my own two eyes didn't seem to leave me with many options in that department.  So historically, I have supported those are the more conservative end of the Republican Party.  People like Phil Gramm, Steve Forbes, Jack Kemp and Fred Thompson. 

Unfortunately though, none of the people who were my first preference were ever able to gain the nomination as the GOP has nominated moderates in almost every election in the last 88 years.  The only three exceptions were Calvin Coolidge, Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan.  And it's because the GOP continues to nominate people who favor big government that government has been able to take more and more control of our lives.  We get government excess under the Democrats and slightly less under the Republicans.  No wonder we are going broke.  Our situation is so bad that soon there might not be enough foreign money available to even buy our debt!

This is the main reason why I am supporting Rand Paul for President.  He is willing to make the drastic changes that are necessary to actually fix this country and take back America.  I just don't have the faith that Bobby Jindal, Marco Rubio or Paul Ryan are willing to do that.  Just look at Paul Ryan's medicare reform plan, it only starts at around the time that Medicare is going to go bankrupt.  Does that make sense to anyone?  To only start reforming something when its about to run out of money?  And what about his lousy tax plan which will likely kill the real estate industry and raise taxes on most middle income earners?  And he's the conservative golden boy?  Enough is enough.  We need someone who actually knows what needs to be done and is willing to actually try to do it.

We need Rand Paul.

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