Monday, November 26, 2012

Jonathan Tobin Thinks Rand Paul Should Have to Answer For Ron Paul's Views on Israel

In his latest anti-Rand Paul piece in Commentary, Jonathan Tobin tries to make an issue of Ron Paul's views on Israel as a way to veto Rand Paul's ascendence in the GOP.  He seems to provide no evidence that Rand actually shares his father's views (Rand Paul voiced support for Israel in Commentary just a couple of weeks ago) yet still believes that:

"So long as the senator fails to clearly oppose his father's ideas about the Middle East and the role of the U.S. in the world, friends of Israel won't believe what he says about Israel. Nor should they."

Really?  He needs to clearly oppose his father?  Since when is that a standard for selecting a nominee?  Did John McCain have to oppose his father's advocacy of incursions into Laos and Cambodia during the Vietnam war?  Or has Obama have to oppose his father's Marxism?  Or how about Al Gore's father's votes against the Civil Rights Act?  Opposing one's father is a big personal move that has enormous emotional ramifications and it's uncalled for to force it on someone, especially short of some family history of mass murder. 

Tobin is grasping at straws trying to torpedo Rand Paul just like he tried to torpedo the non-Romney's in 2012 (and look how that worked out!).  Just a couple of weeks ago, Tobin tried to make an issue of Rand Paul not attending a speech by Bibi (he was performing a Mr. Smith Goes to Washington type filibuster against some Harry Reid supported legislation).  Tobin should start focusing on what the other side is doing wrong, not trying to torpedo real conservatives/libertarians from gaining power.  Would we really be well off with a Chris Christie or a Jeb Bush as the nominee?  I don't think so.

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